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Spiders are the species we could find them all over the world except continent of Antarctica. They are spread as 113 families and 45,700 spider species around the world according to the general reports. They differ from other species like they have eight legs and fangs. Through this fang, they can inject venom. Spiders are capable of producing silk from their body and used to spin the web. Spiders construct web for their safety and food preference. Most of the spiders came to the home for their prey. Spider has two body parts and three or four pairs of eyes. Most of the spiders have poor vision and some of them have normal vision. Most of the spiders will bite and could inject venom to preys. Most of the bites will not affect badly to our bodies, but some spider bites are harmful and may leads to death. Arachnophobia is some sort of phobia causes to human by fear of spider and according to some reports, 50 percent of women and 17 percent of men have this phobia. .