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Ants are the common insects are founded from most of the world. They have their unique kind of habits and food preferences. There are more than 12000 species of ants spread in all over the world. They are lived up as a social culture and family together. We can't find this insect as single, they consist as a colony and this colony consists more than thousands of ants and queens. A Queen ant can live more than 30 years and may produce millions of babies. Ants can be identified by their humps, thorax, and shape. Their bodies are covered with an exoskeleton is a hard covered of arm. An ant can lift up 20 times of their actual body weight and are stronger enough. There are many specialities according to ants that they don't have the ears and lungs. If any ants get into fight leads to their death. There are a lot of categories in ants. .