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What are the Steps for Termite Control

Termites are social insects which are frequently found in the UAE. They are often seen from your homes and building. Termites are the causes of the demolition of woods and furniture. They are damaging our house holdings and materials. They are strict colonies under the buildings and live up there. Cleaning your surroundings is one of the method to get rid of termites from your home. There are a lot of termite control services available on UAE. Al Taaqqim is the leading termite control service providers in Sharjah, approved by the municipality. Al Taaqqim have a dedicated termite control team ready to rid of termites from your home, buildings, hotels etc. Termites are also called as White Ants and termite colonies consist millions of termites of queens and kings. The termite queen has the longest lifespan consist of 30-50 years of longing. Termites mostly feed the dead plant material, so keep the furniture secure by painting and avoid the contact with water by not placing the furniture in wet places. .