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PEST CONTROL How to Avoid Cockroaches

Cockroaches are crawling insects. They can be found anywhere in your houses and offices. Mostly seen nearby the food materials. They are infamous for contaminating the food particles, clothing and paper and electronic equipment’s. They often live under the kitchen sink and pipelines, active during nights and dark. Keeping a promise in spreading of various diseases such as Tuberculosis, Cholera, Leprosy, Typhoid, salmonella, dysentery, gastroenteritis and other stomach issues. Their reproduction activities are very quick and the prime spot of breeding concentrates on heat and food particles. Here we always found them among the food supplying areas. Their waste, in other words, feces and urine can contaminate the surfaces where they spread. The body structure of the cockroaches differs from other pest. It consists of the 50mm length and six legs along with two antennae on their head. They can fly with their wings and could run up to 3 miles an hour. A cockroach can hold their breath up to 40 minutes and could survive one week without its head, but not more than a week without water. Prevention can be started from the water itself by finding and fixing all water leaks. If the water source may end up they will go for alternate options. Cleaning the floor and kitchen appliances trice a week can minimize their acquaintance. Providing airtight containers for keeping the food materials, the proper cleaning of dishes after dinner and placing of cockroach bait can easily avoid their activities in houses. .